Vom 07. bis 13. September 2020

Writing Ashram für PHDs, Post-Docs, Professorinnen und Professoren

The Writing Ashram is a training course for concentrated writing. Academics of all levels retreat from daily routines and responsibilities to the countryside and work on their own writing project. The unique blend of writing, movement, meditation, workshops and coaching will guide you day after day towards a state of flow. This will allow you to not only get a huge amount of writing done but also to establish healthy work
routines and thus increase your productivity in the long term.

Welcome to the flow. During the Writing Ashram workshop you will practice a monastic lifestyle to write extensively and push forward your text project. The daily schedule consists of defined writing times, physical exercises out in the nature, meditation sessions, inspirational breaks and counseling hours. This special work environment will allow you to deepen your concentration.

Quite ironically, the time for concentration and intellectual contemplation seems to be eroding at universities. Therefore, Ingrid Scherübl and Katja Günther developed the Writing Ashram project – a monastery simulation for academics located in the countryside near Berlin.

The boost of productivity and new focusing abilities, which come through living in this monastery-like daily structure for a couple of days –away from all chores, together with other writers– is quite astonishing.


What is the Writing Ashram?

Aschram (sanskrit) is a spiritual hermitage or a monastery in Indian religions and means "place of endeavor". The Writing Ashram is a retreat for academics and professional writers which uses the method of monastery life to push forward text projects. Through following a strict daily routine, you will experience the best concentration and devoted work you can get.

The special work routine allows you to deepen your writing process, improve your self regulation, and enforce your writing competence.

The Writing Residence will take place in the countryside outside of Berlin. It is designed for PhD-students, Post-Docs, senior scholars, researchers and other professional writers, who are onto a big text project and want to push it forward.

Run period:
07.09.20120 – 13.09.2020
more details coming soon
Course fee:
EUR 980

Website University of the Arts

“Finding real concentration is difficult these days. We create a space in which structure, community and personal coaching unfold the maximum of your intellectual potential.” Katja Günther



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